Not until I was a little older did B6 have any significance to me other than Battleship (hopefully there are others of you who played that game as children).  Now however, I’ve come to learn that B6 is much more than a spot on a board game, it is a vital vitamin that plays numerous roles in the body.

Vitamin B6 is part of the B Vitamin Complex, and as such, it shares many qualities with the other nutrients in this group.  Despite its similarity to the other members of the complex, Vitamin B6 provides its own unique benefits and functions in your body. This list provides just a few of the reasons that Vitamin B6 is good for your body.

1. Cardiovascular Disease

Recent studies have shown that there is a possible correlation between Vitamin B6 and Cardiovascular Disease. These studies have shown that a mild deficiency in Vitamin B6 could have an effect on the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.

Research has been inconclusive in regards to preventing a second occurrence of cardiovascular disease, but there have been some encouraging results with the relationship between Vitamin B6 and preventing first time cardiovascular diseases.

2. Energy Support

Probably the most common benefit associated with Vitamin B6 is energy. Like other B Vitamins, Vitamin B6 helps convert the foods you eat into energy. Vitamin B6 plays a key role in the body’s ability to convert carbohydrates into glucose. This metabolic process helps provide your body with the everyday energy it needs.

3. Immune Function

Your immune system is dependent on a variety of cells and organs working together to help keep you healthy. Lymphocytes are important cells in the immune system, and research has shown that Vitamin b6 helps keep them at proper levels. Research has shown that people deficient in Vitamin B6 tend to have lower levels of lymphocytes. Maintaining proper Vitamin B6 levels was related to lymphocyte production

4. Memory

There have been various different research studies performed on the relationship between Vitamin B6 and cognitive functions. Some evidence has shown that Vitamin B6 plays a role in improving certain types of memory. One such study found that Vitamin B6 helped improve two areas of memory in a group of 70 men. There is probably some sort of joke there, but we will leave it at that for now.

Support Your Body with Vitamin B6

As I mentioned earlier, these are just a few of the areas where Vitamin B6 helps your body. With all of the functions it supports, B6 is a very valuable nutrient, and you should make sure that you are supporting your body with proper amounts.  Many of the foods you eat provide your body with B6, in addition to supplement such as NeoVitin.

Vitamin B6 helps your body in many ways, and is a nutrient you should be mindful of. Make sure you are providing yourself with all of the nutrients you need, including Vitamin B6, to ensure that your body is able to maintain is proper function and health.


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