• Thanksgiving Dinner

    Mindful Eating Tips for a Healthier Holiday

    The countdown is on to the holiday season – a time when it is common to take an unintentional detour from your nutrition and health goals. Getting off track with your health goals is not hard to do this time of year. The combination of social gatherings, holiday stressors, lack of sleep, and changes in …

  • Fast Food

    Trying to improve your diet? Skip the Junk, not the Meal

    [perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””][/perfectpullquote] Most of us associate a diet with trying to cut as much as we can from what we eat to achieve some type of weight loss goal.  However, this isn’t always the best way to improve your nutrition. In fact, it can actually be harmful to your overall …

  • Nuts and Dried Fruits

    ‘Fast’ Food – Finding Convenient yet Nutritious Food

    In a fast-paced lifestyle, it seems difficult to eat a healthy diet. Eating a bag of chips for a snack or opting for a drive-through lunch seems easy and quick. Unfortunately, it also increases the risk of health concerns and problems. The key to keeping up with a fast-paced lifestyle without giving up on a …

  • Soda in Glass

    What’s in Your Cup? 4 Healthy Alternatives to Sugary Drinks

    No matter how carefully you follow a healthy eating plan, your diet can run into some real trouble if you don’t keep an eye on your beverages, too. Beverages can not only add unnecessary calories and sugar, but can be downright unhealthy. Fortunately, there are some healthy swaps that are super easy to make. Read …

  • Sweet Potato

    17 Sources of Vitamin A

    I wrote about the importance of Vitamin A previously (you can find it here), and what it does for our bodies. Along with helping with vision, Vitamin A plays a role in the immune system, reproduction, heart health, lung health, and kidney health. With all of these important functions, it’s good to know where you …

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