• 5 Reasons Why People Love NeoVitin

    1. Physician-Formulated Proprietary Blend In 2002 at age 45 Dr. Ken Rybicki was told he had a 1% chance to live 5 years. At age 50 he ran his first half-marathon, and developed the idea for NeoVitin. After overcoming his health issues, Dr. Rybicki created his proprietary blend to help support him in his quest …

  • Why Did We Create a Women’s Formula Multivitamin?

    We learned from our customers that we needed to do a better job of supporting Women’s nutrition

  • Support Your Body with Vitamin D

    How Does Vitamin D Support You? Not only does Vitamin D support basic functions in your body, it also supports other nutrients too. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is not naturally available in many foods. However, your body can synthesize Vitamin D through sun exposure. Additionally, you can get Vitamin D from fortified …

  • The NeoVitin & Company Story

    Ken Rybicki MD, PhD, rediscovered his passion for wellness and nutrition in 2002. After conquering various health issues, Dr. Rybicki wanted to continue to support his health. He then called on his medical expertise and personal experience to sample a variety of health products and nutritional supplements. He tried several different programs, but he wasn’t …

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