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What is Curcumin?

You may have heard of Curcumin before, it is an extract from the Curcuma Longa plant, also known as Turmeric. It has long been used in Asian and Indian cultures as a traditional medicine. It was believed to be helpful with arthritis, urinary complaints, digestive problems, and many other ailments.

With modern research and medicine, scientists have determined that many of the potential benefits arising from Curcumin are due to its antioxidant properties.  Research has shown that antioxidants are helpful in neutralizing potentially harmful molecules within our bodies, and reducing their potential ill-effects.

Curcumin and Cancer

Along with its antioxidant properties, there have been many studies on the Cucrumin and its effects on Cancer. There are various reasons why scientists believe that Curcumin may aid in fighting cancer, and the research has been gaining speed within the last few years.

The ability of antioxidants to reduce inflammation is one of the key reasons scientists are interested in the possible effects of Curcumin on Cancer. There is belief that inflammation plays a role in Cancer, and if Curcumin can be helpful with that aspect of the disease, it could be useful in its treatment.

Curcumin Reasearch

Despite some positive results from these studies, the research is non-conclusive. Curcumin may have potential benefits, but there isn’t enough evidence to state that it can help prevent or cure Cancer.

Curcumin is an interesting nutrient, and has many potential health benefits deriving from its antioxidant properties. As more research is performed we will be able to better determine the exact role and benefits Curcumin provides to the human body. If you have any questions about Curcumin, or suggestions for other topics you would like to know more about, please leave a comment below

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