Nuts and Dried Fruits

In a fast-paced lifestyle, it seems difficult to eat a healthy diet. Eating a bag of chips for a snack or opting for a drive-through lunch seems easy and quick. Unfortunately, it also increases the risk of health concerns and problems. The key to keeping up with a fast-paced lifestyle without giving up on a healthy diet is recognizing convenient, quick and healthy foods that take only a few minutes to prepare and enjoy.

Quick Snacks

During a busy day, it is not always possible to stop and eat a full meal. Although that bag of chips or a candy bar seems tempting for quick energy that holds off hunger at a busy time, it wreaks havoc on the body. Opt for mixed nuts and dried fruit as a healthy and quick alternative.

Nuts are high in healthy fats and nutrients that help improve brain function. Combine a handful of nuts with some dried fruit for additional nutrients and fast energy that will not result in a sudden crash or drop in energy levels.

If nuts and dried fruits are not an option, then eat a banana, apple or any other preferred fruit. Alternatively, eat baby carrots and celery as a low-calorie and high-nutrient snack option.

Healthy Sandwiches

During a lunch hour, ignore the unhealthy restaurants and eat a simple and healthy sandwich. Sandwiches offer a variety of healthy options that take only a few minutes to put together and enjoy.

Enjoy a vegetarian sandwich with whole-grain bread for a healthy and filling meal. Put together a sandwich with white beans, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato slices and spinach with a touch of raw olive oil. Alternatively, open up a whole wheat pita and fill it with a Greek salad. The beans or chickpeas in the sandwiches offer a healthy source of protein and the whole grains provide a source of long-lasting energy.

When a vegetarian sandwich does not seem filling enough, opt for a chicken-salad sandwich with whole-grain bread or use a whole-grain wrap and fill it with grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, spinach and pesto.

Other Quick and Healthy Meals

“Fast” foods that provide healthy nutrition does not necessarily mean always eating a sandwich or raw vegetables. Grains like quinoa and cous cous take only a few minutes to prepare and cook. By adding a few healthy ingredients, like fresh chopped tomatoes, onions and red peppers, and tossing the grains with the fresh vegetables in olive oil, it creates a simple, quick and healthy salad. Alternatively, enjoy a fresh salad with chicken breasts, vegetables and a touch of strawberries or blueberries for a healthy and simple meal.

Eating a healthy diet does not necessarily mean wasting hours of time working at a stove. Several healthy foods like nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, whole grain sandwiches and whole grain wraps offer the variety to stick with a diet plan and the speed to keep up with a busy schedule. Use the speed of a healthy diet as a tool to stay on track and obtain personal health goals.



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