The new Affordable Healthcare Act has put a premium on preventative health, and a new study shows that oral health supplements may help hospitals reduce costs and penalties.  An 11 year study conducted by the University of Southern California, Stanford University, The Harris School at the University of Chicago, and Precision Health Economics found that using oral dietary supplements helped decrease the probability of 30 day readmission to the hospital for patients 65 years and older.

One provision of the Affordable Healthcare Act penalizes hospitals for patients 65 years and older who are readmitted for commons conditions and illnesses. The idea is that hospitals can help reduce the costs of healthcare, and improve quality by incentivizing hospitals to manage patient conditions, and prevent these issues from reoccurring.

Preventative medicine and treatments have always been available, but the U.S. government is trying to put an emphasis on preventing hospital visits before they happen. Nutritional Supplements are becoming more important to overall health and prevention, especially in light of the new Affordable Healthcare Act. Expect to see more studies and research like this as hospitals look for more ways to help reduce their costs and potential penalties they face from the new healthcare laws.

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