Health RoundupSmart Phone User

-Medical researchers are using smartphones to gather data for patients

-Research has shown that women are more likely to suffer from Claustrophobia than men.

-South African study found that Vitamin D is linked to a healthy immune response to HIV.

-New class of drugs aims to change the management of heart disease. But due to cost and uncertainty of outcome, “many insurers plan to require rigorous evaluations before authorizing prescriptions, to make sure patients can’t get their cholesterol down with statins.” [WSJ]

Celebrity garage sale helps raise funds for Ovarian Cancer.

-Planting trees along streets and sidewalks could possibly help us be healthier. [New Yorker]



-World’s oldest Panda turns 37  in Hong Kong

-Are you a woman considering a career move? Do these questions seem reasonable to ask?

-An upgrade to La Guardia Airport was long overdue.



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