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  • Why Did We Create a Women’s Formula Multivitamin?

    We learned from our customers that we needed to do a better job of supporting Women’s nutrition

  • Man Outdoors

    4 Nutrition Needs for Men Over 50

    Nutrition needs for males vary throughout the lifespan. The greatest nutritional needs occur during periods of growth, which for males are during infancy and adolescence. Typically in men older than 50 years of age nutrition needs remain steady or in some cases may even start to decline. Food intake often lessens due to various factors …

  • Man Running on Beach

    4 Tips for More Energy for Men Over 50

    Many men have a hard time admitting it, but when they reach their fifties or sixties, they don’t have the same energy levels that they did in their twenties. One of the unfortunate aspects of aging is the possibility of experiencing a reduced amount of energy and greater frequency of fatigue. Some men may find …

  • Fruit Smoothie on Table

    Smoothies vs. Juicing: What is the Better Choice?

      Meeting the current recommended servings of fruits and veggies can be a challenge for many people. More folks are resorting to juicing and smoothies as a way to increase their fruit and vegetable intake, while also improving overall nutrition. Most smoothies and juices are easy to enjoy on-the-go and offer a delicious flavor. Before …

  • Woman eating salad

    3 Reasons for Avoiding Dieting

    We often hear people say they’re “going on” a diet, but is the word “diet” being used correctly? Most people don’t think about what the word “diet” really means. They often use the term as a reference to a weight loss attempt or to describe food product. A better way to define the word “diet” …

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