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  • Fruit Smoothie on Table

    Smoothies vs. Juicing: What is the Better Choice?

      Meeting the current recommended servings of fruits and veggies can be a challenge for many people. More folks are resorting to juicing and smoothies as a way to increase their fruit and vegetable intake, while also improving overall nutrition. Most smoothies and juices are easy to enjoy on-the-go and offer a delicious flavor. Before …

  • Mixed Vegetables and Juice

    5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Vegetable Intake

    Vegetables are a crucial component of a balanced diet, yet most Americans are not eating enough. Adequate intake of vegetables offers numerous health benefits. Specifically a diet with ample vegetable servings may decrease the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Vegetables are a high fiber food lower in calories, a useful food group …

  • 5 Healthy Vegetables Now in Season

    Spring is finally here in the Midwest (We are a little nervous about tempting fate with that statement) and that means the beginning of the harvest season. One of the beauties of living in the Midwest is the abundance of fresh produce we get from spring through fall. Over the next few months a variety …

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