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  • Smart Phone User

    Roundup: Smartphones Help Medical Research, Vitamin D and HIV

    Health Roundup -Medical researchers are using smartphones to gather data for patients -Research has shown that women are more likely to suffer from Claustrophobia than men. -South African study found that Vitamin D is linked to a healthy immune response to HIV. -New class of drugs aims to change the management of heart disease. But …

  • 5 Ways to Give Your Body Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is a vital nutrient that supports a variety of functions in our bodies. This fat-soluble vitamin plays a key role in Calcium absorption and maintaining healthy bones. That’s not all; it helps support healthy muscles, nerves, and immune system. But what good does it do to know why Vitamin D is important, if …

  • Information about Vitamin D that I Discuss with my Patients

    In the last article I talked about some of the questions that I typically receive from patients when we talk about Vitamin B12. Vitamin D is another nutrient that I discuss with patients very frequently. Below is a hypothetical conversation that I might have with a patient who has questions about Vitamin D.

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