What you consume each day can provide the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Use our guide to learn about the different food sources and recommended intakes of vitamins and minerals.

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A provides many benefits to the human body, including supporting eye health, promoting a strong immune system, and maintaining cellular communications. To help provide your body with the proper amount of Vitamin A, use the sources in the table below.

FoodServing SizeAmount (IU)% Daily Value
Sweet Potato, BakedLarge34,592692%
Beef Liver, Cooked1 Slice21,566431%
Spinach, Cooked1 Cup18,886378%
Butternut Squash, Raw1 Cup Cubes14,882298%
Cod Liver Oil1 Tbsp13,600272%
Carrot, RawMedium10,191204%
Kale1 Cup Chopped6,693134%
Red Pepper1 Cup Chopped4,66593%
NeoVitin2 Tablets3,50070%
CanteloupeMedium Wedge2,33447%
Mango, Raw1 Cup, Pieces1,78536%
Fortified, Instant Oatmeal1 Packet76615%