Vitamin D is a vital nutrient that supports a variety of functions in our bodies. This fat-soluble vitamin plays a key role in Calcium absorption and maintaining healthy bones. That’s not all; it helps support healthy muscles, nerves, and immune system.

But what good does it do to know why Vitamin D is important, if we don’t know how to provide it to our bodies?  Here are 5 simple ways that you can give your body Vitamin D:


Salmon is a great natural source of Vitamin D. Unlike the other food sources on this list, Salmon naturally contains a high level of Vitamin D.salmon

A single serving of Salmon can contain as much as 447 IUs of Vitamin D. With a recommended Daily Value of 600 IU for the average adult, that’s a pretty good way to get a lot of the Vitamin D your body needs.

The Sun

Surprisingly, one of the best sources of Vitamin D does not come in food form. Our skin is able to synthesize Vitamin D after exposure to the Ultraviolet Rays from the Sun.sun

Normal sun exposure can be a good way to give your body Vitamin D, but there is a need to be cautious. Too much sun exposure can lead to adverse health effects such as Melanoma. While it’s good to get some sun exposure for Vitamin D, it’s best to not overdo it.

Fortified Milk

In general, there are not a great number of foods that naturally contain Vitamin D. Vitamin D synthesis from sun exposure has helped prevent Vitamin D deficiency throughout human history. However, people have been spending less and less time outdoors, and have also adopted ways to prevent overexposure to the Sun.milk

To help prevent Vitamin D deficiencies, milk producers began fortifying milk with Vitamin D in the early 1900’s. This practice still exists today, and most of the milk we drink has added Vitamin D to help support our need for the substance.

Fortified Cereals

Fortified cereals fall into the same category as fortified milk. Cereals fortified with Vitamin D are designed to provide an alternative food source to get this vital substance.cereal


I’m sounding like a broken record here, but there are not many foods that naturally contain significant amounts of Vitamin D. As a result, it can be difficult to add more Vitamin D to our diets. Dietary Supplements can be a good source of Vitamin D in various amounts.There are Vitamin D specific supplements that contain fairly large amounts of the substance.

NeoVitin Supplement

Alternatively, multivitamins, such as NeoVitin, contain smaller amounts to help support normal daily intake. Supplements can be a safe, healthy way to help provide our bodies with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a vital substance to our bodies. Use these 5 different sources to give your body the Vitamin D it needs.

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