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Most of us associate a diet with trying to cut as much as we can from what we eat to achieve some type of weight loss goal.  However, this isn’t always the best way to improve your nutrition. In fact, it can actually be harmful to your overall health, and might not even help with losing weight in terms of fat.

One of the most common diets involves cutting down on calories and fat through skipping meals. While it seems like a simple and easy method, it can actually be counterproductive to your overall health. On top of that, it’s not a sustainable method to improved nutrition. Most diets require a change over a short period of time, instead of actually making a long-term improvement.

Instead of concerning yourself with how long you can go while eating next to nothing, try focusing on keeping  traditional meals in place, but making them more nutritious and productive for your body.

The Importance of Full Meals

There are various different ways to set an eating schedule, so when we say eat a full meal, it may vary for you individually. But the overall point is that the goal of improving your nutrition, especially if your goal Is weight-loss, you shouldn’t focus on trying to cut out normal meals.

Additionally, some research suggests that skipping meals can actually have the opposite effect for people who are trying to lose fat.

You need nutrients for your body to function properly. Despite the allure of losing weight, not providing your body with the food it needs can lead to many different health issues. Your goal for improving your nutrition should be to give your body healthy, nutrition foods, not what you can cut from your diet entirely.

Additionally, some research suggests that skipping meals can actually have the opposite effect for people who are trying to lose fat.According to a study at Ohio State, there is evidence that skipping meals can cause issues with glucose production, which can result in larger amounts of stored fat.

Replace Empty Food with Nutritious items when possible

If you aren’t going to skip or cut meals, the question becomes how do you improve your nutrition. Although seemingly obvious, the best method is to replace lower quality or unhealthy foods with nutritious alternatives.

Easier said than done, but you will find that changing what you eat is a much better alternative to not eating. There are countless ways to replace ‘useless’ items that you eat with foods that help support your body. Something as simple as replacing the mid-morning doughnut with a banana can have a great effect on your overall diet.

Plan ahead to avoid junk

The concept of avoiding junk food Is great, but can be very difficult to put into practice, especially if you have not been watching your diet carefully. We heavily advocate planning ahead to avoid the unhealthy options.

Convenience Is one the main reasons that we eat unhealthy foods. Fast food, convenience stores, and vending machines can be really easy when we are crunched for time. But for the most part, they lead to unhealthy nutritional decisions.

You can combat this by planning ahead of time. Plan out meals for the whole week, so you don’t have to worry about what you are making for dinner at the last minute. Buying snacks to take to the office, or have at home when you are looking for a between meal boost can also help avoid unhealthy options.

Don’t Skip Meals to Improve Your Nutrition

Giving up meals, or cutting back too much can be harmful to your diet and health. Instead of trying to see what you can take out, try focusing on what you give your body. Try replacing some of those unhealthy options with more nutrition food that are helpful to your body.

Planning ahead can be a great way to follow a new nutrition program. Make a few changes to help improve your overall nutrition and your health as a whole.

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